Serialization for some types


30-10-2006 01:55:11

Would it be possible to add serialization code for basic Ogre types to the future TODO list bekas?

I don't mean for every object in the system, but for the math types (Vector2, Vector3, Vector4, Quaternion, the matricies). I have been writing wrapper classes to do serialization, and it makes things a bit messy.

No rush though. Thanks.

Edit: ColourValue too.


30-10-2006 07:05:30

Excellent idea! Since these classes are conveniently pure .NET classes, all I have to do is add "[Serializable]" at the top of the class (ah, the benefits of .NET :wink: )

I'll make the changes to SVN.


02-11-2006 22:09:30

One other small nitpick, is it possible to reorder the functions in the Mogre assembly? The reason I ask is the SceneManager::CreateEntity method is driving me insane.

Try this, with full intellisense "helping out", type this code in:

SceneManager mgr;
mgr.CreateEntity("foo", "

As soon as you hit that quotation mark key, it auto completes it as:
mgr.CreateEntity("foo", SceneManager.PrefabType"

I've fixed this by removing the quotation mark from intellisense's list of comit characters, but it was quite irritating until I found that option. =)

I am hoping it's just a matter of reordering the function in a file. If this isn't an easy fix, don't worry about it.


02-11-2006 22:24:18

Nope, it's not an easy fix :)
Intellisense orders the overload methods using its own system, the declaration order doesn't seem to matter.


02-11-2006 22:36:46

D'oh! That's too bad. =)

It does actually seem strange that quotes and apostrophies would mark an intellisense commit.