How stable is??


11-11-2006 03:39:40

Hi people..

I was thinking about start use MOGRE, i believe that is great alternative... but how MOGRE stable is??
Is this CLI wrapper a full wraper of all ogre class??
What are the bug found??

:D Thanks and sorry my english


11-11-2006 10:06:44

Is this CLI wrapper a full wraper of all ogre class??

What are the bug found??
These are all the bugs that I know of (fixed on SVN):

--[FIX] VertexElement's and Matrix3/4's overrided operator == didn't check for null parameters, fixed it.
--[FIX] When a method returned a null Ogre::VertexElement*, a null reference exception was thrown; fixed it.
--[FIX] When a null string was passed to an Ogre method, an access violation crash was caused; now a NullReferenceException
is thrown instead.
--[FIX] PlaneBoundedVolume was sometimes causing a EntryPointNotFoundException, fixed it.


11-11-2006 12:36:38

thanks Bekas...

I going to use it.....

Another question, how can make port of some c++ framework to MOGRE?? i am interting in do that with NxOgre (a wrapper for PhysX that now is free-4-all), can you help me??

Yay :D


11-11-2006 13:52:42

You can rewrite it to C# or to C++/CLI which is less work.
Check out MogreNewt to see what C++/CLI changes I did to OgreNewt to get it working for .NET. If you have a specific question let me know.

If you manage to get NxOgre working for MOGRE it will be a great addition :)


11-11-2006 14:49:29

ok, thanks.. i think that thet best choice y c++/cli.. i am reading about it, if i could port it, i let you know it.....

See ya...