MOGRE release is out


13-11-2006 09:31:00

UPDATE: version was released with an important bug fix. If you have downloaded the 0.1.8 version, please get the new files.

A new release of MOGRE is out, hurry and grab your own copy, limited supply! :P
SDK Setup
Source files

The changes since the 0.1.7 version are:
  1. Upgraded to Ogre 1.2.4[/*:m]
  2. [FIX] Conversion from/to Ogre::VertexElement and Mogre.VertexElement was incorrect, fixed it.[/*:m]
  3. [FIX] VertexElement's and Matrix3/4's overrided operator == didn't check for null parameters, fixed it.[/*:m]
  4. [FIX] When a method returned a null Ogre::VertexElement*, a null reference exception was thrown; fixed it.[/*:m]
  5. [FIX] When a null string was passed to an Ogre method, an access violation crash was caused; now a NullReferenceException is thrown instead.[/*:m]
  6. [FIX] PlaneBoundedVolume was sometimes causing a EntryPointNotFoundException, fixed it.[/*:m]
  7. [FIX] SharedPtr objects that were public fields of classes were exposed as read-only properties. Now they are read/write as expected.[/*:m]
  8. [Modified] Removed overrided operator == from all *_NativePtr classes except from those that wrap Ogre classes that override operator ==. You can use the Equals method in order to compare *_NativePtr objects.[/*:m]
  9. [Modified] Added a check to the implicit conversion of ResourcePtr -> SubClassPtr that checks if the Resource of ResourcePtr is actually of SubClass type, for early catching of programming errors.[/*:m]
  10. [Modified] Renamed RenderOperation.OperationType enumeration to 'OperationTypes' to avoid VB.NET name clash (RenderOperation has an 'operationType' instance member and VB.NET didn't like that)[/*:m]
  11. [Added] OgreDotNet's CeguiNet bindings, a CeguiNet renderer for Mogre and ported Ogre's Gui sample[/*:m]
  12. [Added] MaterialSerializer and CompositorSerializer classes[/*:m]
  13. [Added] overrided operator == (in addition to the Equals method) for wrappers of Ogre classes that override '=='[/*:m]
  14. [Added] static method 'FromResourcePtr' to SharedPtrs of Resource subclasses (MaterialPtr etc.). Mainly for languages that may not support the implicit type conversion (C#/VB.NET work with implicit type conversion)[/*:m]
  15. [Added] 'Serializable' attribute to the pure .NET classes except for Math, PixelBox, VertexElement.[/*:m]
  16. [Added] generic method MeshManager.CreateBezierPatch<T> where T is a struct. This method accepts a T[] array instead of a void* pointer.[/*:m]
  17. [Added] additional overload methods of RenderTarget.GetCustomAttribute for convenience (unsafe context not needed)[/*:m]
  18. [Added] Dot3Bump demo (contributed by linkerro)[/*:m]
  19. [Added] VB.NET SkeletalAnimation demo (contributed by rosenkro)[/*:m][/list:u]


13-11-2006 20:55:48

whoo, thank you!!! :)

i especially like this one:
[Added] additional overload methods of RenderTarget.GetCustomAttribute for convenience (unsafe context not needed)


13-11-2006 22:59:24

A serious bug that made VertexElement mostly unusable was reported here, so is out to replace the 0.1.8 version.


18-11-2006 00:00:01

Are there a zip file version?

I am sharing my PC with several user.

It would be nice to unpack the files into a common folder, so
every one could use it.

anyway, thanx for making Mogre. :)


19-11-2006 17:16:33

why don't you install the files in the common folder?


24-11-2006 02:12:13

HAPPY! :lol:


27-12-2006 00:49:28

Thanks! I just started playing around w/ Mogre, and it's very nice. Great job, and thanks for the effort!