Beginner question: Can I use PLSM2 with MOGRE ?


16-11-2006 18:41:21

Hello everybody :D,

I've started to use Ogre a few weeks ago and I discover Mogre yesterday.

I would like to use the PLSM2 plugin. Can I use it with MOGRE?

Thanks a lot,

CU ;)


16-11-2006 22:57:16

Yep, definately. These are the things to keep in mind:

-You have to avoid the prebuilt PLSM2 binaries and compile it instead from source using the Ogre files (include files, lib etc) of the Mogre SDK.

-For options that use primitive values (int, Vector3 etc) you can use SceneManager.Get/SetOption. For complex options, get the PLSM2Helper source ( It's only one file actually. This is to help you pass options that are impossible to pass using the managed SceneManager.Get/SetOption.

-At the time I first coded PLSM2Helper I went over all the options that PLSM2 had and added appropriate methods to the library. By now, tuan have probably added/modified/renamed/removed some options so I suggest checking them out to see if a certain option is not covered, or is not covered correctly by PLSM2Helper.


18-11-2006 01:16:54

Thanks a lot for your reply :D!


24-09-2008 12:45:50

I know this thread is pretty old...

Is there any kind of documentation how to use plsm2 with mogre 1.4.8?

coz i compiled the current plsm2 source from ogre addons against current mogresdk 1.4.8. all compiles fine, but at startup, code hangs here :

Mogre::SceneManager^ Root::CreateSceneManager( Mogre::SceneType typeMask, String^ instanceName )
DECLARE_NATIVE_STRING( o_instanceName, instanceName )

return static_cast<Ogre::Root*>(_native)->createSceneManager( (Ogre::SceneType)typeMask, o_instanceName );//this line wont proceed :/

any help would be apreciated :)


25-09-2008 18:49:37

Nobody an idea :?