[SOLVED] Rendering glitches and flickering


24-11-2006 21:31:58


I'm playing around a little bit with a own terrain engine. The terrain is made of two different quad tiles (one with 4 triangles, one with 20) broken in different chunks. There are 8x8 chunks of 32x32 tiles each. The hight values are loaded from an hightmap (grayscale, 8bit). Each of the chunks is an ManualObject with a material assigned (very simple, only a texture, sized 128x128). ScreenManager is the ST_GENERIC one. Each of the chunks is made of 0 to 16000 triangles. The ManualObjects are assigned with

Dim sceneNode As SceneNode = sceneMgr.RootSceneNode.CreateChildSceneNode()

to the RootScene.

If I render only one of the chunks (one ManualObject) at once everything works perfect. If I render four chunks everything is ok, too. If I render 8 to all chunks I get random errors. It seems like some of the chunks are damaged and the triangles are setup wrong. The chunks are flickering most of the time. See screenshots for example. They are from three different runs of the program.

The error happens in release mode, debug mode, full screen, windowed mode and at different resolutions.

I don't think, that this is mogre related, but maybe someone has any clues?

Thanks for any help,



25-11-2006 13:14:05

This doesn't seem like a problem with Mogre, you may want to post to the main forum to see if someone encountered something like this.

(Ideally you would make an example that isolates the problem and would test it with C++ and native Ogre to make sure that it's an Ogre thing)


26-11-2006 12:11:11

Ok, I solved that problem. Rebooting the computer is sometimes a good idea :-) Normally my computer is always on and is going to sleep after a hour. I think this was a driver issue?!?

I don't tried it with C++ because there problem is gone and didn't occured again the last days... Strange...