.NET wrapper for PhysX


28-11-2006 11:15:17

Here's what I recently stumbled upon:


28-11-2006 14:18:17

I think betagen's NXOgre would be the way to go if physx is to be MOgreised. In fact now that Physx is totally free it's looking really good.


28-11-2006 18:32:04

I've been working on it slowly, apart from a few (alright 10-15) errors when compiling it as a CLR project, I'm sure it would work.

I was going to work on it after RC 3.0 was released, but if there is a demand for it in MOgre, I can certainly keep at it.


29-11-2006 09:52:40

Vectrex wrote:
In fact now that Physx is totally free it's looking really good

But what I read in AGEIA site says:
The AGEIA PhysX SDK is free for non-commercial use. Standard pricing for commercial use is $50,000/title/platform. Licensed developers who implement PhysX accelerator support in their PC title are not required to pay this fee.

If I understand the things right, I must use HW physics acceleration card to obtain Physx for free for commercial use. Who can clarify the license? :shock:


29-11-2006 10:26:06

No not anymore.

PhysX is free for commercial use on Windows, Linux and PS3, no matter if you use the PhysX hardware or not. Only versions 2.6.0+ apply though.

A copy of the statement is here


29-11-2006 10:53:35

It's on AGEIA's site too: http://devsupport.ageia.com/ics/support/default.asp?deptID=1949

That sounds great, but unfortunately it's only the first part (you still end up with a native-only library), the second part is writing the .NET classes.

I don't have time to work on this, but, just to state my opinion, I'd do the same thing as I did for OgreNewt: port the NxOgre classes using C++/CLI.
The "downside" is that NxOgre gets updated way more often, but, since the files/structure of the project stay the same, for a new version I'd do a CVS update and then sort out the conflicts/compilation errors.


04-12-2006 14:40:53

That sounds fair enough. I'll put some serious effort when the "surprise" release comes out on the 24th.

I'll have a look on how OgreNewt was ported then; even if not all of the features are ported over, there is no reason why the core parts can't be ported/wrapped and work from there.