Bulletsharp and mogre


14-02-2012 02:02:21

hi, need help how to use it?, i see tutorial in Bullet Hello world, but i dont understand it, may you help me plz??, my code:

BroadphaseInterface mBroadphase = new DbvtBroadphase();
DefaultCollisionConfiguration CollisionConfig = new DefaultCollisionConfiguration();
CollisionDispatcher Dispatcher = new CollisionDispatcher();
SequentialImpulseConstraintSolver solver = new SequentialImpulseConstraintSolver();
DiscreteDynamicsWorld dynamicWorld;

protected override void CreateScene()
Dispatcher = new CollisionDispatcher(CollisionConfig);
dynamicWorld = new DiscreteDynamicsWorld(Dispatcher, mBroadphase, solver, CollisionConfig);
dynamicWorld.Gravity = new Vector3(0,-10,0);

Entity ent = mSceneMgr.CreateEntity("head", "ogrehead.mesh");
SceneNode node = mSceneMgr.RootSceneNode.CreateChildSceneNode("nodo");


Now how to link entity with Bullet physic?

thanks!... :mrgreen:


14-02-2012 15:12:51

http://bulletphysics.org/mediawiki-1.5. ... tionStates


15-02-2012 00:12:59

Thanks but how apply it in a mesh??? Can you post here an example plz? Thanks :)


16-02-2012 11:12:46

There's a Mogre example on the wiki page

what do you mean by "apply it in a mesh"?


17-04-2012 14:56:22

For non-Mogre specific information you could look to:

* OgreBullet forum
* Bullet forum

For Mogre you don't use OgreBullet. You use the BulletSharp wrapper instead.
But I suppose the usage is similar. So don't be afraid to look for OgreBullet content.

For first tests you can use the "Cygon Builds". It's a Mogre bundle, which also contains the Bullet add-on.
Download here: viewtopic.php?p=81869#p81869


17-04-2012 15:04:13

I added links for the "Cygon Builds" to our BulletSharp wiki page.

On the wiki page also also further useful links at the page bottom:


08-05-2012 13:42:22

BulletSharp is basically a plain bullet wrapper. It's got several versions to use other engines' math stuff, so the only difference between the mogre version of bulletsharp and the others is that it uses mogre's math structs/classes. There's other ones out there for other libraries