Problem destroying an entity


24-02-2012 08:24:14

Hello Community,

its me again and I'm still a newbie with programming Mogre. I accounted a problem when i tried to recreate an entity.

But first of all i try to explain what i am actually doing:

I have got a windows form in which i display a manual object which i first convert to an mesh and than to an entity. This works fine.

But if i now want to load another model it displays again the old one.

I use detachobject, destroyentity and destroyscenenode but this doesn't help at all. The old model seems to be still alive in the memory because when I build up the entity with the old meshname it creates the old entity again, although I assigned the new mesh to that name before. Mogre doesnt throw an error.

I hope I succeeded in pointing out my problem and anybody can help me

With regards



26-02-2012 18:22:52

Did you try to delete/remove the mesh?


29-02-2012 07:44:33


that was the solution.

With regards