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03-03-2012 04:23:11


After months of learning c++ today has sent into the arms of C#. There are quite a few .net frameworks that will simplify the design of my project.

My target priority is iOS (via monotouch and C#) and a Windows x64 VST plugin (in this case Ogre would render to a texture that would be embedded in the window) -- I know mogre doesn't do iOS.

Is it possible to use Mogre on Windows and then switch the implementation on iOS via a .net dependency injection framework to use the iOS compatable ogre which would communicate through monotouch? Will monotouch allow the C# to communicate with the ordinary c++ ogre?

Any thoughts or approaches would be greatly appreciated. I was so very excited when everything started to click together with C# where it wasn't clicking with C++, but the 3d Gui aspect immediately widdled down to nothing that works with C#, iOS and embedding a viewer into a VST plugin window as described. It is heartening to see that this messageboard is fairly active, I guess its tough to spread the interest too thin with what little competition there is.

Any thoughts on an approach to this problem would be greatly appreciated. I'm still considering using Qt with c++ instead of C# but I'd rather not and the only thing making me lean that way is this.



05-03-2012 19:56:57

I think Mogre is Windows-only, because of CLI/C++. Mono is covering Windows, Linux, Andorid and iOs but only with $$$ or €€€ (mono itself is free). IF cxxi is developing well (in a few years) it COULD be possible to run Mogre on other plattforms.


05-03-2012 20:39:09

Thanks for clearing that up.

Are there any other C# engines that would work with iOS and allow the windows interface to be embedded into an applications window (by rendering to a texture map if need be)?

I have been quite surprised at the actual state of interoperability for writing crossplatform code. I always assumed there were endless implementations of these sort of ideas in frameworks but between c++, C# and obj-c there are very few options. C# seems to have the most options but the engines are utterly missing.

EDIT: well I just saw the QT license costs and the trump monotouch costs... Qt is looking less friendly. If there are no C# game engines, is likely possible to use the C++ ogre engine with monotouch?


06-03-2012 11:31:09

Miyagi's probably one of the most complete GUI systems mogre has at the moment, though its developer seems to have disappeared...


06-03-2012 18:08:31

Miyagi's probably one of the most complete GUI systems mogre has at the moment, though its developer seems to have disappeared...
Probalby and Yes. But Miyagi has no "touch" input and is a traditional GUI system for traditional games ;)

And Of course it IS possible to call managed code from native code (and the other way around). But beside that: do you really want to buy Monotouch (>399$ for professionals)?

And check out Unity: It "can be run on Windows, Mac, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, iPad, iPhone, as well as the Android platform" (Wikipedia). And it's free and uses C# for scripting.