Download place for Mogre related files


16-03-2012 13:42:04

This topic is about downloadable archive files (zip/rar/7z), which are not inside a repository.

It's not useful to add several files to a repository, because then it's blowing up rapidely.

Alternatively we should offer some archives files as "simple download":

Binary packages:
* Plain bundle of binary files related to a specific Mogre version (e.g. "Mogre1.7.3__x86__.NET4.0")
..... * Optionally including common used add-ons (Miyagi, MOIS, MogreNewt, etc.)

Add-on packages:
* Files of an add-on
* Either only necessary files for usage or including all source files

Developer packages:
* Contain all files which are used to build/wrap Mogre
..... * Ogre sources
..... * Mogre autowrapper files
..... * Depencies
* Contain all resulting files
..... * Source files generated by the autowrapper
..... * Binary files gererated by the build process
* The same for add-ons (optional)

The developer packages is useful for debugging.
It can be uploaded by the person, who performs the Mogre autowrapping and build process.

Today I have a deadlock, caused by a call of the Ogre/Mogre API RaySceneQuery.Execute(). It seems so that there is an endless loop somewhere in the Ogre code. Unfortunately I can't debug it now, because I only have binary files (Mogre 1.6.5) but not the related source file mogrescenequery.cpp.
Reason: This file was generaded by the autowrapper tool and I can't find a copy in the Mogre repository. (It's useful to exclude such autogenerated files from the repository.)
Now there would be a need to find the related Ogre/Mogre sources and to autowrap them. (Very difficult.)
With an option to download a developer package it would be easy to debug.

Currently we offer some downloadable files on our old/frozen Sourceforge repository.
Other files are on private websites, linked by hidden forum topics.
Additionally there are private repositories, which contains such additional files.

Use a file download space on ONE place.
Goold would be at our Mogre Bitbucket account, although I don't know if there is a file up-/download possibility.
An other option would be to use the old Sourceforge account for such files.
What do you think? Where should/can we offer downloadable archive files?


16-03-2012 14:02:32

Now I found out, that ButBucket offers a plain file download section.
It's not directly in the Mogre user account. Instead there is a specific download section for each repository.

I think this is a common place where people search for binary files.
A disadvantage is that there seems to be no possibility to create "sections" (or directories) for different types of files.

What we need:
* Active/retired Mogre developers (or add-on developers), who upload useful bundles.
* People who "search, collect and upload" files, which were posted in several forum posts.


19-03-2012 11:09:04

Yep. Good idea. Keeping the source code and binaries in one place is the right thing to do I think. As long as you name each download clearly I think it's okay to have a single list of files on bitbucket. For more detail you could have page on the wiki that explains them.