Ogre Tutorial0 written in Boo


03-12-2006 00:05:36

Boo is a .net programming language with elements similar to Python and Ruby. I'm currently working through the tutorials in Boo and thought I would post the code here (or should it be on the wiki somewhere?).

More information on Boo can be found at http://boo.codehaus.org/

// In Boo you need to put the namespace at the top of the file

namespace Test

// import the required libraries
import System
import System.Collections.Generic
import System.Windows.Forms
import MogreFramework
import Mogre

// and the program
win = OgreWindow()


03-12-2006 23:15:31

Hey this is cool :), you can add a Boo tutorials section to the wiki if you like.


05-12-2006 13:16:54

I will... when I have a better handle on Boo, Ogre/Mogre and .net.

I'm still in the early stages of learning all of them. The key reasons drawing me to Boo rather tahn C# or even VB is that I like the way they handle the syntax. There is also the fact that Boo can also run uncompiled Boo Scripts (actually any .net language can)