News Ticker for Mogre


30-03-2012 17:02:32

From time to time I write a message about interest stuff to the news box on the Mogre wiki page.
But I think there are not many people, who read it frequently.

My intension is to create something like a "ticker", which can be suscribed by people who are interested in Mogre news.
It should contain short information and links to details. (Not too much "spam"). Just to follow the main development of Mogre.
For example about new/improved addons, new Mogre versions, interesting Mogre applications, new documentation, etc.

This could be interesting for active Mogre users, but also for retired users (mostly because of less free-time), who like to know what happens.

I want to ask you all:
What do you think about such a ticker?

Now the question: How we want to do it?

Here are my ideas (options):

Create a Twitter account.
By use of the service cotweet it's possible to give write access to several users.
The advantage: News of several Mogre developers can be posted in one Twitter "channel".
Good for short news with links.

I can use my Google Plus account and create a "Mogre circle". Everybody who has a Google Plus account can be added to the circle and get a notice.
Mogre news would be posted only to the people of the Mogre circle. (Because I don't want to spam people, which doesn't use Mogre.)
Disadvantage: Every follower has to ask me to be aded to the Mogre circle.
Disadvantage 2: The news can only be posted by me, not by other Mogre developers.

Facebook group.
I don't like Facebook. Also the group feature seems to be bad. But I list it here, because it would be an option.

I can create a specific forum topic for Mogre news.
Advantage: Everybody can push the button "suscribe topic". (You find it at the page bottom).
Disadvantage: The topic can get "dirty" by users, which post answers.

A seperate website (like a blog) with RSS / Atom feature.
Perhaps it's more interesting for more detailed news.
Although it seems to be an interesting option.
I'm not shure, how good RSS / Atom is in practice. I never used it.
Perhaps it's possible to add an e-mail reminder feature to a blog?

More ideas how to create a ticker?

Which option would you agree or disagree?


01-04-2012 23:13:16

I like twitter most for this kind of news updates. I use twitter myself a lot and getting retweetet by some people with a huge amount of followers can help to spread news quickly and even attract more new people to a project.

I'll probably retweet a lot of Mogre news if you decide to use twitter for news updates.

Some people may still know me from the past when I was one of the maintainers of Mogre. I'm still interested in most Mogre and Ogre related things, I just don't have the time anymore to actively work on Mogre. But I'll do what I can to bring Mogre news to a larger audience.

Currently I have more than 1.000 followers on twitter and it's getting more and more. Follow me at @SeargeDP if you are interested in what I'm doing now :)

Btw, there is a small chance that I will be using Mogre again in the near future. If that project is going to happen, I'll gladly help updating Mogre again. But, the past already showed it, if I do not have any active projects that use Mogre, I'll unfortunately not find the time to work on it.


03-04-2012 13:32:25

I also think twitter is the best solution for a news ticker, having an additional website is overkill, and I'm not a fan of facebook / google plus for this kind of thing. The past have shown that forum topic aren't the solution, It require people to check it out on a regular basis, and a lot of people don't login often to the Mogre forum. Having news directly in your twitter feed is more convenient, with a link redirecting to the forum thread when needed.


03-04-2012 14:08:21

I agree with both ex-maintainers. ;)


04-04-2012 12:00:17

My vote goes to an RSS feed because I look at Google Reader everyday.

I'm not a fan of facebook and I don't look at my google plus account very often. I also don't have a twitter account, but maybe that's just because I haven't had the need. Does anyone know if I can run a twitter feed into my google reader or blog?

Btw, I think it's great that you are constantly working on making the Mogre community better.


04-04-2012 12:34:14

I also don't have a twitter account, but maybe that's just because I haven't had the need.
You don't necessarily need an account to read twitter channels. It just makes it easier if you want to follow multiple people.


07-05-2012 20:12:42

I agree with both ex-maintainers. ;)
Me, too.


28-05-2012 12:34:58

twitter could work since it's also got RSS there


03-03-2014 00:31:51

Did anything ever come of this? I'm trying to figure out how to get the word out about Mogre 1.8.