use mogre and ogre


03-05-2012 13:15:56

hi all!
I have this problem:
I have compiled with visual studio 2010 the latest 1.7.x ogre and works fine, now I need to build some program with c# and I've tried to use mogre, and works fine..
now I need to have the 2 .exe in the same folder and begins the problems, this 'cause ogremain, rendersystems, and other dll aren't the same that mogre uses..
what's the better way to do this?

I've a working compiled ogre version on my pc.

thanks in advance! :?


04-05-2012 13:13:58

you can compile your normal c++ against the version of the ogre. dll / .lib that is generated for mogre. it is just compiled slightly differently for clr use but I don't think functionally it is different


09-05-2012 14:42:38

thanks...i'm in trouble compiling mogre... I'll try soon :)


11-05-2012 11:26:31

thanks...i'm in trouble compiling mogre... I'll try soon :)
You shouldn't need to compile Mogre again for this. Just used the OgreMain.dll that is already packaged with the Mogre binaries.

If for some reason you do need to compile Mogre though, I recommend using the MogreBuilder. It comes with clear instructions and makes things significantly easier.