Migrating or not?


04-12-2006 10:54:28

I am considering taking my rather large Ogre project and go over to the managed side. I have a few dumb(?) questions:

1) Can I migrate to Mogre and continue writing in C++, or do I actually have to rewrite all my old code in C#?

2) Would it be possible to keep my old code in C++ and write new stuff in C#? Yes - I am talking about mixing the two languages:-) Is that not possible with the CLI?

3) I read that the performance drop is hardly noticable. Is this true for all kinds of scenes/setups/meshes?


04-12-2006 11:18:34

1 & 2)
You can use C++/CLI; just keep in mind that in order for C# to be able to use your C++ code you must provide the managed interface, either create some C++/CLI managed classes that wrap your native C++ classes, or port your C++ classes to managed ones ('class' becomes 'ref class' etc.)

3) Mogre just provides a lightweight interface, Ogre does all the hard work behind the scenes.

The two important things to consider for migrating to Mogre is that you'll lose multiple inheritance and subclassing Mogre classes in order to extend their functionality is not possible yet.