CaelumSharp anywhere?


12-05-2012 10:55:57

Is caelumsharp sources anywhere, I cant find it.
Wikipage's download link ( gives 404.


02-06-2012 04:23:48

Anyone have this C# version of Caleum, in their harddisc somewhere? I really like if can get this (I got this long time ago but when I tried other engines, I deleted all, my bad , I know)


03-06-2012 09:59:17

I see wiki-page is updated with working link, thanks!


03-06-2012 10:24:40

What have to do, and hopefully make it work:

Download orig packet from there

extract its resources to Media/ dir, copy Mogre Media files there too.
Copy orig dll:s from mogre's binary dir to your new bin/ (there must be OgreMain.dll, OIS.dll, cg.dll, maybe others, and config files too).

Copy ... /Caelum.os file to your Media/
(yeah, now I see there was a svn where this is (but google didnt find it).

So far it compiles ok and doesnt throw exception, but I only get black screen.
Any ideas?
(I use Mogre 1.7.1 NET2.0 binaries)

I will try ... nk/Caelum/ , will report can I get it to work.


03-06-2012 10:42:40

Didnt yet try with that other svn's code, but if I change Test.cs to use default settings:

//Default settings
this.cs = new CaelumSharp.CaelumSystem(this.root, this.sceneMgr, CaelumSystem.CaelumComponent.Default); // ## I UNCOMMENTED THIS

// Load Script
//this.cs = CaelumSystem.FromScript(root, sceneMgr, "SandStormTest"); // ## AND COMMENTED THIS

this.cs.TimeScale = 512;

// Uncomment this if you use the DepthComposer
//DepthComposerInstance inst = cs.DepthComposer.GetViewportInstance(this.viewport); // ## COMMENTED THESE 2 LINES
//inst.GetDepthRenderer().ViewportVisibilityMask = 0x001000; = 50000;

it works. And looks quite good. Oujeah :)

Case closed ;)