Animation jumping up a little


16-09-2012 21:51:30


First post here, and a slightly odd question that I'm hoping will be down to inexperience! I've exported an animation from a 3rd party app and am trying to animate it in one of the Mogre sample projects. It seems to work ok for the most part - I've got arms and legs moving in the right direction. That is, right until about 1/10th of a second before the animation is due to begin looping, when the whole mesh seems to "jump up" slightly, then drop down again and loop properly.

I've debugged the mesh exporter, and it seems to be working ok from what I can tell. I suspect I've just got something setup badly in my MOgre code. Any obvious pointers that may help?




19-09-2012 22:01:04

I never experienced such a behaviour and I thing that your animation is the problem. Maybe there are some wrong animated frames (e.g. frame 0 has no animation).