MOgre stopped working


06-12-2006 16:23:25

My MOgre application suddenly stopped working. It gets an exception when creating Root.

I downloaded the latest SDK and built the sample, they have the same behavior.

Am I missing something?


It turns out that it stopped working because I moved all the DLLs to a folder other than the current folder. The C++ application is happy because the DLL folder is on the path, but it seems that MOgre needs to have the DLLs in the current folder for some reason.

Is this right? MOgre needs the dlls in the current directory?


06-12-2006 20:57:44

Mogre.dll is only dependent on OgreMain.dll. To test if it can find it from the path, I moved 'OgreMain.dll' from the 'C:\OgreSDK\bin\release' folder to a folder of PATH and the demos worked fine; It's probably an Ogre thing.