Miyage cursor to conrol Mogre


01-10-2012 22:33:06

Hi, I have next question. Is it possible to use miyage cursor to control Mogre? It means, from one tutorial I can move with robots and ninjas. It's fine and works great. And now I want to add Miyages button or bar... And I want to have mouse which can move with robots and can click on button. How can I do it? Is there some method to override or something like that?


03-10-2012 10:33:48

Or if is any other way how to do it, please give me hint =)


05-10-2012 15:58:02

Noone knows? I just want to have buttons in my application to exit etc. Does anyone know about any way how to do it? Now it could be anything =). And If someone have some example with it, please show me, because I've seen Dunno and in this app are used some other constructors, etc. So it little bit useless for me =(