Problem with manual linking C++ libraries


06-12-2006 23:00:53

Found strange behaviour when trying to use Ogre3D 1.2.4

Hope you guys can help me with that :)
You are experts in c++ to .NET migration.

steps to reproduce this strange behaviour:

1. Create a CLR C++ application (class library)
2. Create a class:

#pragma once

#include "windows.h"
using namespace System;

namespace LoadLibCLRDll {

public ref class Class1

wchar_t* ch=L"dupa";
HMODULE ho=LoadLibrary(L"OgreMain_d.dll");
HMODULE hw=LoadLibrary(L"OgrePlatform_d.dll");
HMODULE hu=LoadLibrary(L"OgreMain.dll");
HMODULE hc=LoadLibrary(L"OgrePlatform.dll");

2.5 copy all needed dlls into destination folder
3. Create C# project (windows application)
4. try to create Class1 object, debug and see that library OgrePlatform_d.dll does not load!

Now think WHY?

Now the same works perfectly if done in pure C++ or done in CLR C++ application. But if it is loaded as separate module (like in example above) it stops loading. The stranger thing is that it workes perfectly on 1.2.3 Dagon dlls.


07-12-2006 08:26:47

Well never mind, I used OgrePlatform_d.dll from 1.2.3 Dagon and everything works perfectyl :)