OGRE now supports WP 8!what time the mogre supports?


12-11-2012 10:10:19

like title!

As many of you will know, Microsoft just released their SDK for its new mobile OS named “Windows Phone 8” (WP8)at the Build developer conferenceinto the wild today and we are happy and proud to announce that OGRE supports it from day one!

Microsoft provided us early access to the Windows Phone 8 SDKwhich they made publicity available for developer everywhere today. More than that, they even took care of a major part of the porting work themselves and contributed the code changes to us via Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.


17-11-2012 01:12:17

Nice to hear about Ogre on mobile phones.

Nevertheless I have no idea about windows phones.
I even have no smart phone. Only an old and simple, but it's extremely robust and water proof (outdoor phone).