ResourceBackgroundQueue class in Mogre


19-11-2012 01:32:07

hey guys,

I'm wondering what the current state of the "ResourceBackgroundQueue" class in Mogre is.
Has anyone yet started to implement it, is anyone using it? Can it be used in Mogre 1.7.4?

It seems the C++ CLI autowrap tool at least creates a part of it, but the files seem very empty.
And I found no doc/info about that background loading / multithreaded resource loading in Mogre.

I checked out the mogre source from:

and the autogen creates "MogreResourceBackgroundQueue.h" and "MogreResourceBackgroundQueue.cpp", but they seem to be quite ripped off,
and not yet implemented?

In fact Ogre 1.7.4 contains these implementations, so they should be usable with Mogre 1.7.4 (the correct wrapping might be missing though?).

I also found these two links from someones mogre fork (or whatever it is), and these, for some reason, seem to contain more implementations in them, but I haven't tested or inspected them well yet:

So, what's the state of this?
Does anyone have some links/info or anything what could be of help? :-)

Thank you


19-11-2012 12:50:53


I wrote a guide for building mogre with (minimal) thread support but I do not recommend to enable background loading (read the guide, I explain it there).


20-11-2012 04:16:47

Great. Thanks for pointing me to that thread, I'm gonna go through it and may be get back to you about it :-)


12-01-2013 15:23:26

I tried to build Mogre with thread support for the background resource loading as explained in the wiki.
Once at the last step when I finally fire up MogreBuilder, I obtain many errors in these two files.So I opened them in VS2010 and tried to compile again.
Here are : the errors log, my .h and my .cpp

Did I failed a step ?


12-01-2013 17:57:23

I guess, that you patched the Attributes.xml?
Nevertheless I do not recommend to build Mogre with thread support, it just DON'T work (=runs but freezes), believe me, I tried it myself. Its a bug in Ogre. Maybe this get fixed in Ogre someday, until then we have to wait, or use tricks and workaround.


12-01-2013 18:15:53

Alright. Then it's not possible to have a progress bar while having a long work to do with Mogre, is it ?


12-01-2013 22:47:14

It is possible but it is not really intuitive:
MOGRE LoadingBar Example.