New terrain problem : BlendPointer not found


24-11-2012 20:59:58

Hi !
I try to use the new terrain system, so I read the tutorial Mogre Basic Tutorial 3b.
But I have a big problem with the "InitBlendMaps" method.
I can't find a "BlendPointer" property in "TerrainLayerBlendMap" instances :shock:

This is the real line that give me problems:
float* pBlend1 = blendMap1.BlendPointer;

Where is this "BlendPointer" property ? Intellisense give me nothing.
Also, I work with VB.Net and I'm really bad with C++. I know this sign "*" deal with pointers in C++, but I don't know how to convert this line in VB.Net :oops: ... Is it a good conversion ?
Dim pBlend1 as Single = blendMap1.BlendPointer

I searched so many time on the net for this missing property, but I can't find any related answer.

Thanks in advance for your help.


26-11-2012 09:58:24

Nobody can help me ?
I must say that I use a custom build by beauty found on the forum. Obviously, I don't try with the regular build.


26-11-2012 10:02:13

It's there. But you can't use it, because VB.Net doesn't support pointers.


26-11-2012 17:58:05

Hi and thanks for this info smiley80.
I already heard that pointers are not available in VB, but I can't imagine there is no solution for VB.Net users.
Is it for this reason that I can't see this property ? If I use C# and the same Mogre build, I will see it ?

Is there an alternative for VB users ?
If you can be more precise, I will be happy ! or maybe there is a VB example somewhere ?


17-12-2012 18:25:13

Up. Nobody here on VB.Net ? :cry:
Since my last post, I've tried to find a solution without success.

I can't use Mogre just because VB.Net ? Are there others things in this kind in Mogre ?

I have many things to learn at side of Mogre, and I really need help please. Each time I try different things in Mogre, I must stop because I don't have answer. I'm just a hobbyist, but believe me, I search and read ... many more than I program :mrgreen: