particle system


17-01-2013 11:16:46

I create 3d city and every thing is ok, but when I add particles the program throw an exeption, I made as in tutorial
particle folder is in media and in resources.cfg
in ogre.log file there is the message

13:06:17: OGRE EXCEPTION(2:InvalidParametersException): Cannot find requested emitter type. in ParticleSystemManager::_createEmitter at ..\..\ogre\OgreMain\src\OgreParticleSystemManager.cpp (line 353)

how van I solve this ???????????????


30-01-2013 19:10:01

Hi Aiman,

which tutorial do you mean? Can you give us a link, please?

For the case that you don't know:
I added useful links related to particles to the Ogre wiki:

Unfortunately I don't have much experience with particles, but I suppose this case similar to materials, etc.
First you have to define an emitter type, which has a unique name.
Then you can use it by referencing its name.
Perhaps there are already default emiter types?

The method _createEmitter() has an underscore as first char.
This means attention.
Either it's a method for Ogre internal usage or you should use it "carefully" (if you really need it or you really know what you are doing).
I can't tell you, why there is an underscore at this method.

By the way - This is the Ogre code, which caused the exception:

ParticleEmitter* ParticleSystemManager::_createEmitter(
const String& emitterType, ParticleSystem* psys)
// Locate emitter type
ParticleEmitterFactoryMap::iterator pFact = mEmitterFactories.find(emitterType);

if (pFact == mEmitterFactories.end())
OGRE_EXCEPT(Exception::ERR_INVALIDPARAMS, "Cannot find requested emitter type.",

return pFact->second->createEmitter(psys);

Here is the link to the bugtracker issue: ... em-problem

I searched a little bit in the Ogre main forum and found a possible solution:
You need to add the particle plugin Plugin_ParticleFX to your resources.cfg config file.