A Mogre project.


28-02-2013 15:22:47

Who are we ?
I'm here on behalf of Dedalus. We're a group of 4 French first year students in IT at EPITA. We were asked to develop a project during this whole year and we're highly motivated.

What are the rules ?
We can develop anything we want in C# or OCaml. This year the game are authorised that's why most of the groups choose C# and XNA to develop a 2D game. We had to make our own book of specifications in October. We then present our progression 4 times during the year. We're graded each time and few of the best projects have the possibility to present it in a show in Paris.
This project has a high coefficient for our IT mark.

What is our project ?
We choose to develop a 3D game using Mogre engine. It's called SkyLands, basically this is a Minecraft and Starcraft like. Minecraft because the terrain is composed of cubes - like grass, stone, wood and so - and Starcraft because we want our game to be strategic. Indeed the player has to build and manage a camp, create an army and defeat the ennemy (an AI). The player has the possibility to be part of the fight in a first person view or to command his units in a third person view.

What have we done ?
We recently passed the 2nd presentation of our project, the next one is late April and the last one in June. For now we have an awesome terrain generated with a Perlin 3D algorithm. The character - Sinbad, for now - can walk and jump with almost finished collisions and animations.The player can also add and destroy some blocks.
Of course we're aware that there are many bugs - we try not to show them for the presentations even if it didn't go very well for the last one we had ... We had 18.72 for the first presentation - third of the promotion - and we're still waiting for our second mark. We're really proud of our project we even made some other groups with 3D projects want to try out Mogre!
You can see our project on GitHub. There are some screenshots in the Doc folder.

What must be done ?
Lots of things. Mainly, an inventory system, many GUIs and all the Starcraft-like part that is to say the buildings and the AI. Have a look at the specifications in the Doc folder.
Something else we would like is to correct the bugs but here is the issue. We're using vertexes and pointers and they are buggy with Mogre; we were aware of them but just couldn't do otherwise.
That's why we'll try to see where does the bug come from and then fix it but we would really appreciate some help!

Don't hesitate to tell us what you think here or to contact us at teamdedalus@gmail.com. We'll keep you abreast of the latest news on this post. Thanks for reading.