Mogre Is Dead?


09-05-2013 05:41:12

Hi all,
the long time,the mogre project isn't update!
I'd like to ask in the forum if the project MOgre is dead.

If answer is yes, I'd like to ask "why?"

Thx a lot


09-05-2013 08:10:02

It's not dead it's just people who are active don't need 1.8 changes.

But nothing stops you creating a 1.8/1.9 build you will need to refer to the building mogre in the wiki ... rom+source

There are a few issues that need resolving in the build process currently though.


26-07-2013 12:29:59

I used Mogre for my university project for about 5 years.
Now I got my diploma thesis and work on robotics topic. So I have no more need and contact for an 3D application.
Additionally I spend about 50 or more hours per week on work. The rest is for my girl friend and playing World of Tanks. Unfortunately I have very less free time. So I got inactive here ... sorry.

For all the years I supported Mogre it was always an tiny community with only a few active, but helpful and friendly members.

Is Mogre dead?
Well, it's not up to date, but still powerful.
You can do much things with it.
The problem is the lack of new Ogre features and (more important) that you can't use all Ogre add-ons, because of missing or outdated wrappers.

It's right: As long there is no need for Mogre 1.8 and 1.9 the development has no high priority.
On the other side: When somebody needs it, it's very difficult to understand the internal details and to solve the problems that come up by using newer Ogre sources. (Have a look to the try/report in the MogreBuilder topic)

My opinion: Mogre is alive as long as there are people in the forum, who give support to others. This is most important for an open source project. Especially to get new members, which use it or create improvements.


27-07-2013 10:43:17

I agree with Beauty. Mogre is not dead, it's just not updated for the latest Ogre versions. As soon as someone REALLY needs the new features, I'm pretty sure it will be updated. In my opinion it would even be more important to find a solution for the fact that Mogre is Windows-only. Being able to use it with Mono would be a more useful update right now than making it compatible with 1.8 or later versions of Ogre.


27-07-2013 22:16:37

Nice to see you, mstoyke (-:

It's an interesting point.
To perform a quick check of the Linux/Mac need, we could have a look to Axiome. It runs under Mono, too.
Maybe they had a survey to know the percentual numbers of the Linux/Windows/Mac users.
The interest in Mogre support for Mono should be similar.