PhoenixRun. A start to space combat


18-05-2013 16:22:47

Hi all :)

Here is another video of the game I'm making using VS (now at 2012) and Mogre. This time I'm using fraps for the video, so it looks a lot better.

I've told my friends at that I'm working to have simple space fighter combat up by the end of May.

Programmer notes:
Since your all coders here, I thought I would add that I'm having a little trouble with thread synchronization. I haven't used a lot of OO in this project, because I didn't want the overhead. I guess I'm paying for it now with some issues. I am reorganizing the code into better classes, instead of using globals to talk between threads. I know, I was lazy and stupid. honestly though, I am very old school when it comes to game programming. I really believe, because I've seen it, that strong OO game development leads to fps loss. I miss inline functions in C++ also. I also try to make my variable sizes equal 32 bits, so it will fit better for 32 and 64 bit processors. But anyway, I've lost some code manageability, so I'm doing the work now to OO it up.