oFusion Support


10-12-2006 18:02:22


Can I Use the ofusion exporter and scene manager with Mogre? and how I do it? http://www.ofusiontechnologies.com


Ernesto Gutierrez Arrazola


11-12-2006 01:22:32

Anything you can do with the c++ ogre you can do with mogre, (well almost anything). if you want to load ofusion scenes, you can take at the scene loading code of pjcast here
http://www.wreckedgames.com/forum/viewt ... =2006#2006 or here in svn https://www.wreckedgames.com/svn/visual ... leReaders/. Take a look at the code in the dotscene handler. With that you should be able to load whatever you export with ofusion. It isn't that hard after all its the same thing with the normal ogre just in c#. It only took 5 minutes for me to incorporate it into my engine.

Edit: Pjcast said his code for plugins will be lgpl so... watch out for that license.