Installation and getting first Mogre samples working


23-06-2013 18:41:06

Hello all.
I have been a C* (C/C++/C#) developer for 30+ years. My focus over the last decade has been C#.
I have an application that could benefit from 3D graphics and I came across Ogre and Mogre. My desire is to use the libraries purely as a 3rd party tool.

I have downloaded various forms of Ogre and Mogre but have been unable to get a tutorial or sample running from the IDE.

My environment is Win 7/ VS 2012. I would be happy with a simple hello world type application.

I just downloaded and installed MogreSDKSetup1.4.6_VC80. I have tried others including ogre src 1.7 and VC11 v1.9. Despite following various configuration guides, I still can't get a sample running.

I am frustrated but don't wish to give up since It seems you have a great code base here.
My dream goal on this is that there would be a .net c# project I could d/l and run and it would work. Less ambitious goals would be acceptable as well.
Does anyone have a suggestion on where I should start or continue?

I am working on a AI project and while graphics would be represented, it is not the purpose of the application (but I am sure that the more I get into it the more I will work with the graphics).

TIA for any help you may offer. I would also be willing to consult with someone if it meant getting to my desired goals quicker.


24-06-2013 10:18:59

Good morning,

unfortunately the Mogre SDK, the quickstart projects and the documentation are outdated and might not work anymore. So currently it's a bit hard to start with Mogre.

You might want to create a basic application to see if Mogre works on your system at all. To do this create a C# project and paste the following code into it:

using System;
using Mogre;

namespace ConsoleApplication1
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
Root root = new Root();

Then download the most up-to-date Mogre binaries from, unzip it and add a reference to "binary/Mogre.dll" to your project. Compile it and copy all DLLs from the binary folder to your application's bin folder, next to your exe. Then run it. It will not show anything and might even exit with an exception. But it should create a file Ogre.log, telling you that Ogre has been loaded along with some other messages.

If you got this to work, you might want to follow Mogre Tutorial 5. This describes the steps to initialize Mogre without using the (possibly bugged) tutorial framework. After that you should be able to fix the tutorial framework and follow the other tutorials.

And if you fix something please send pull requests or bug reports on and edit the wiki :D