Licence to Mogre


28-07-2013 13:47:31

Hi, today I want to deploy my year job in Mogre. It is Bachelor's thesis, so I have a question. Does exist any licence to Mogre which I have to insert to my thesis?


28-07-2013 16:56:16

Ok I insert MIT Licence from Ogre and I hope it will be fine =).


29-07-2013 11:34:56

I'm very happy to see that somebody else used Mogre for his university thesis (as I did).
For other users it would be nice if you publish some more information about your project/thesis and a few screenshoots.

Also an entry to the wiki page "Projects using Ogre" would be great.

On the topic "full stack for a game built in C#" you could post a list of your used add-ons.

Yes, MIT license is correct.


31-07-2013 17:02:49

As soon as I will have finished the final state examination and a bachelor's degree in hand, so I will give you my project and so you can laugh. ;)