26-09-2013 00:34:31

how to use particle in mogre ????????????????????????????????????????????
I need an example in addition to the media which needed to be found for this example


26-10-2013 13:23:24

I can't give you example code or files.
But in the past I created a wiki page with useful links related to particles with Ogre/Mogre:

A tiny example code was created by user smiley80.
It's included to the repository of the Mogre SDK.
Download it from here:
Then look to this file:

smiley80 \ mogre_samples \ Samples \ ParticleFX \ ParticleApplication.cs

Or see it online here: ... ication.cs
I don't know if it needs resource files (you also can create particles without media files).
If the example needs files, I suppose it's included to the resources directories of the Mogre SDK. If not, we could ask user smiley80.

Additionally have a look to the Ogre forum for examples. It should be easy to port the code to the Mogre world.