Confused on what and how to install mogre


24-12-2013 10:54:51

Hey guys,

I'm new here and interested in MOGRE. But, all the guides here didn't mentioned what exactly to download and how to install them except the outdated guideline. I installed the tutorial framework but that seems to be an isolated framework from the real MOGRE. i downloaded the 1.7.1 lib but dont have any idea on how to proceed from there. Can anybody guide me? thanks alot!


06-01-2014 09:38:34

Hi ZeroCapt,

thanks for your interest and sorry for my late answer.
For first experiments we suggest to walk through the Mogre basic tutorials.
To make the life more easy for beginners, the linked Mogre Tutorial Framework helps.
If you don't have Visual Studio 2010, I suppose you need to install Visual C++ Redistributable 2010 and Visual C++ Redistributable 2010 SP1. Possibly these packages are already installed (in the background) by other applications. It's needed to run dll files, which were compiled with the related VS version. (It's no Mogre behaviour, it's common.)

Additionally you should run the DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer. (Very important!)
This installs you several DirectX dll files of Microsoft, which are needed for Mogre.

When you installed these things, you are ready to run Mogre applications, including your own ones.

After you walked through the Basic Tutorials, you can use a precompiled binary bundle (e.g. this).
By the way: It's easy to compile Ogre and Mogre on your own by use of our MogreBuilder tool.

The MogreSDK contains useful stuff (e.g. examples), but unfortunately the content wasn't updated for a long time.

Add-ons you find by the topic IMPORTANT LINKS.


09-01-2014 12:18:40

Thanks Beauty!

I've managed to get it running by copying all dlls from the QuickStart2010 solution. The dlls from the tutorials and SDK are not working. Maybe it got to do with the RunTIme Version.

Thanks again!


10-01-2014 17:37:41

The latest SDK installer should install all depencies, which are needed to run the included binary files.
What's the problem?
Do you get exceptions?
Does Ogre creates a log file? (If yes, are there error lines?)


10-02-2014 17:53:26

The dlls from the tutorials and SDK are not working.
Maybe you need the corresponding version of vcredist.
Look here for Mogre depency details and download links: