mogre-procedural project


25-12-2013 07:29:40

ogre procedural c++ project overrite by csharp ,name mogre-procedural project


04-01-2014 10:15:44

Great job !!

I added a link to your port to the Ogre Procedural Geometry Library wiki page.
Additionally you got an entry in the Mogre News box (on Mogre wiki page).

Did you add an information about the related C++ version to your code?
This can be useful for updating in the future (when the C++ code will be bugfixed / extended).


05-01-2014 22:30:13

andyhebear, there is a question for you:


06-01-2014 10:20:17

Your class is such a benefit to Mogre, that I created an own wiki page: Mogre Procedural Geometry Library

Please check if the feature list is correct.


08-01-2014 01:52:56

ok.i will add this ver Description
this code now has a lot bugs,and continue to update


08-01-2014 10:44:32

Nice work


08-01-2014 20:32:18

ok.i will add this ver Description
this code now has a lot bugs,and continue to update

In this case I propose to add a text file to the project repository with the name "project status.txt".
There you can add a list of currently available features (maybe including test status [OK |untested | buggy | not ready | ...]), a TODO list, a bug list, etc.


11-01-2014 19:19:58

Oohhhh I *really* must have a play with this project.
I was wanting to do some procedural stuff with a previous project of mine, but got completely stuck and didn't really even know where to start, and the project got shelved.
definitely going to have to have a look and unshelve that project.


11-01-2014 20:35:28

It would be useful if andyhebear1 gives you access to his code repository.
So when you find+fix bugs or add improvements, then it's useful for everybody to get commits from you.
By repositories it's easy to combine the power of developers..


11-01-2014 21:00:14

eh, that's the thing with repositories, you don't need to do that. it's less hassle for the original, if others just fork and do a pull request.
otherwise there's a ton of trust involved.

yes. yes, I do have trust issues.
why do you ask?


12-01-2014 01:10:09

Yes forking and pull requests are fine.
But currently andyhebear uses SVN, where merging is not so easy as Mercurial or git.


14-01-2014 00:25:12

Oh right, by 'still has lots of bugs' you mean doesn't even compile yet?
there's a few easy ones it looks like, a semicolon here a close bracket there... but there are other bits where I have absolutely no clue
ie, it's calling and a bunch of other stuff where it looks like C++ to C# converter had no idea what to do.
I've no idea where to even start, esp since I've no experience with C++ at all...


30-01-2014 02:26:09

looks like you're still working on it andyhebear1, I see there's been some activity in the google code page.
Once you've got something to test let us know, I'd love to test it in one of my current projects - sort on an asteroids clone, I'd like to have proceduraly generated asteroids to shoot at.


10-04-2014 06:42:21

mogre-procedural demo release v0.1 for 1.7.x binary files (release)
using dotnet 2.0 framework
if you want download this demo,please see: ... etail?id=1


16-11-2016 13:29:42

Is there anyway to compile for x64?

Because we don't have the source code and my project is x64

Tnk you