Lighting issues


18-01-2014 04:00:14

Good day all,

I've been working on a dynamic weather and time-of-day system for a simulation game I'm working on in Mogre, and ran up against some lighting issues. Here's the problem:
  1. ShadowTechnique.SHADOWTYPE_STENCIL_ADDITIVE works exactly as advertised - that is, I can't change shadow colors. Otherwise looks fine.[/*:m]
  2. ShadowTechnique.SHADOWTYPE_STENCIL_MODULATIVE works almost as advertised - I can change shadow colors, but I get an annoying z-fighting issue. Happens in both OpenGL and Direct3D.[/*:m]
  3. ShadowTechnique.SHADOWTYPE_TEXTURE_ADDITIVE doesn't show up at all. If there are some common noob mistakes with this, I'm probably making them. Anything important I should know?[/*:m]
  4. ShadowTechnique.SHADOWTYPE_TEXTURE_MODULATIVE has the same deal as texture additive.[/*:m][/list:u]

    I know it's not my system or the Ogre version, because they work just fine in the ogre sample app. Any ideas?