MHydrax for Mogre 1.7.4


22-01-2014 19:55:11


are there any MHydrax binaries for Mogre 1.7.4? The current ones require Mogre 1.7.1 and therefore do not work. I would try to compile it by myself but my C++ skills are insufficient, and I don't find any references to the Mogre.dll in the source package (maybe I downloaded the wrong one)


13-02-2014 22:21:17

It is not hard to recompile :wink:
Just compile Hydrax with the Ogre libraries of your Mogre build and then build MHydrax against the same libraries. Usually that should be sufficient if the code does not need to be updated. All you need are the Ogre and Mogre libraries (.lib files) and the headers.