Ogre3D 1.9 released as ‘stable’ last year! mogre1.9?


18-02-2014 07:19:40

see the ogre1.9 demo, The terrain system more powerful :lol:
is there someone begin wrapper mogre1.9? :idea:

Here you can download prebuilt SDKs for a range of environments. These are completely self-contained development kits so you can start using OGRE very quickly. Please make sure you download the correct SDK for your platform & compiler since SDKs are not transferable between them.

Once you have downloaded, if you are new to using OGRE you can find information in the wiki about installing and using SDKs, and a series of tutorials.

Remember, these include already built libraries and samples. No need to try to build again.

NOTE: Some SDK’s do not include debug libraries due to their size. If you need them you will have to download and build the source code.

Current Stable Release (Ogre 1.9)
Name Date Size Notes
OGRE 1.9 SDK for Visual C++ 2012 (32-bit) 29. November 2013 143.0 MB Self-extracting archive
OGRE 1.9 SDK for Visual C++ 2010 (32-bit) 29. November 2013 141.5 MB Self-extracting archive. Please note – you must have installed VS2010 Service Pack 1.
OGRE 1.9 SDK for Visual C++ 2008 (32-bit) 29. November 2013 141.5 MB Self-extracting archive. Please note – you must have installed VS2008 Service Pack 1.


18-02-2014 22:31:36

Currently we seem to have a grand total of one(1) people who know what they're doing and are even remotly interested in doing such a thing.
at the moment he's looking at a few 1.7 fixes and figuring out mercurial before looking at 1.8.
I guess the real question is weather it's even worth putting much time into 1.8 or just skipping it and going to 1.9.


03-03-2014 00:49:32

Part of the problem is that updating Mogre requires an understanding of C++, C++/CLI, and C#. Considering that C++/CLI is a little obscure, there doesn't seem to be many people around who have the necessary skill set to work on it. Of those, even fewer have the time. I've made very good progress on Mogre 1.8 so far. It's in a very useable state if you don't need terrain or paging. Most, if not all of the work going into 1.8 will be applicable for 1.9 so there's no real reason to "skip over" it. There were some significant changes to SharedPtrs in 1.9 that may require changes to the autowrapper. That's something that I simply haven't had time to research. My project at work needed some crucial fixes from 1.8 ASAP, so that why I chose to tackle it incrementally.

When will we have Mogre 1.9? I don't know. If I'm the only one working on it, it could be awhile. My suggestion, try out the Mogre 1.8 code. Test it, give some feedback, etc. Hopefully we can keep the project moving forward and attract some additional contributors along the way.