Mogre 1.7 x64


09-05-2014 22:57:37

Hello everyone,

I am looking for 2 days compile Mogre 1.7 64bit version.

For that I followed to the letter the following tutorial: I did not encounter any particular problem and I could get a version of Mogre x64
After I downloaded the sources MOIS.dll at the following address: and compile the project on the x64 platform.

Then I followed the tutorial # 1 with this code snippet:
Imports Mogre
Imports Mogre.TutorialFramework
Imports System

Namespace Mogre.Tutorials
Class Tutorial
Inherits BaseApplication

Shared Sub Main()
Dim tutorial = New Tutorial()

End Sub

Protected Overrides Sub CreateScene()
End Sub
End Class
End Namespace

I referenced the following DLLs:
- Mogre
- Mogre.TutorialFramework

In the case of my project I put all DLLs Mogre next to my exe..
The launch of my project I get the following error:
Method not found: 'Void Mogre.TextureManager.set_DefaultNumMipmaps (UInt32). "

I also tried with MogreBuilder as following:
MogreBuilder C:\myMogreBuild -config Default.cfg -x64 -mois -vs2012
same problem.

Download the project:

Thank you in advance,
good day