Mesh export error - MeshSerializer


26-05-2014 15:40:18

I am running through the tutorial I downloaded from this page:
When I try to add my own mesh created in blender 2.70a and using blender2orge 0.5.8, I get the below error:

OGRE EXCEPTION(7:InternalErrorException): Cannot find serializer implementation for current version [MeshSerializer_v1.8] in MeshSerializer::importMesh at ..\..\ogre\OgreMain\src\OgreMeshSerializer.cpp (line 118)

Am I right in thinking that I am exporting a newer format mesh to an older version of ogre? If so how do I get round this?



17-08-2016 16:35:22

Yes, i meet the same error, when you use ogitor 0.5.4, it based on ogre v1.8, but mogre currently build based on ogre v1.7, so it will notice error. There are two way to slove this error:
1.abandon ogitor, build scene manually
2. download ogitor source code, and build it with ogre 1.7

hope can help you :)


17-08-2016 16:40:18

or you can build mogre 1.8 version


22-08-2016 08:22:33

or you can download ogitor compatible with ogre 1.7(i have tried, is ogitor 044)