How Do I Scale Parts Of 3D Model


14-07-2014 07:24:59

Hello Developers !!!

I have exported a 3D Model From #MakeHuman and now i just want to scale some body parts of my 3D Model. How Can I Do This. I know that ogre supports submesh but i have problem with shared vertices. I don't want shared vertices. I just want to scale submeshes individually. How can I do this. Ideas will be appreciated.Thanks.


15-08-2014 12:01:32

Hi Hitman,

scaling is only possible for SceneNodes.
The best would be to adjust models by the model editor, which was used for model creation by use of its own file format.
But seems not to be possible in your case. So it's not easy to do.

Can you export sub meshes (from a model editor) as seperate file?
Then you can add them to Ogre by different scene nodes (which are all attached to the same parent scene node for model moving).
Possibly you can edit the model by Blender. But this will be much work.

An other idea:
IF the Ogre mesh file contains sub meshes, you could write your own tool.
I wrote some code to read out all vertices from a ManualObject by Mogre (Wiki page Read raw data from ManualObject - MOGRE).
For loaded meshes it should be very similar. So your code can read out each sub mesh and save them to seperate files. Just as an idea.
Well, this seems to be much work.

Use the Ogre tool MeshMagick.
With this command line call you can see the amount of sub meshes:
meshmagick info filename.mesh

Aside this, you can ask in the Ogre main forum, too.
There are much more users, which can offer ideas. This is possible, because your problem is not Mogre specific.

Good luck!


18-08-2014 23:14:23

I did do this once as an experiment, unfortunately I can't find the project anymore but from memory, as Beauty said you need to have a model with submeshes and scale those. I remember it being horrible and painful - but maybe that was mostly the part where I had to use blender to get the submeshes.

I wonder if mogre procedural might be useful in this instance? still something I need to get around to looking at.


19-08-2014 08:53:24

OgreProcedural can't modify meshes.
It only can generate meshes from parameters.