How to use the terrain pager?


20-09-2014 19:01:14

I run the project of a strategy game ( It's a german language project because my English isn't good. The projekt is open source and runs for a little bit more than half a year. Right now there is nothing to download except the manual, because the data format is still changing. The part of the project, where a database of weapons and vehicles is defined, stands and I'm collecting data to build it up.

I hoped that others joined me in building the game, but there where obviously no interest. Working alone has benefits (e. g. I can hold back the work done so far, because I'm not shure about changes in the data format...).

So far so good.

A strategy game needs a map to move something around. That's the point where I'm interested in Mogre. The other part of the game run under .Net 4.5. At least the map editor should also run under that system. If it works fine, the whole game can do, but if I need more speed, I can also program the game itself in C/C++.

Yesterday I managed to show the ninja out of the "Basic Tutorial: Embedding Mogre in Windows.Forms" in a UserControl. It's a small step to hopefully sometime gets a map editor, but it was a step for me that needs several hours to get so far...

I want to have a huge terrain for my game. The data for the maps will be hold in a special sqlite-database. For every coordinate there will be the height of course, but also how much resources are there, the height and the density of vegetation and such things. Installments will be managed in special rows that points to coordinates.

A single cell will be an 'Ar' (don't know how it is called in English, a square of 10 meters). One map will be 80km x 80km. So there will be 64 million cells.

So I need a terrain pager, because I dont think it will be going to define all of the 64 million cells.

I have embedded Mogre 1.7.4 via managed packages with terrain and paging into my project (done by Max Barfuss).

What I need is a howto or at least a clue where to get informations, how I can get the paging running.

I would be very happy, if someone could help me.


11-01-2015 13:12:47

Hi Gradivus,

Mogre can be build including the terrain and paging component, but not all features are wrapped.
I never read in the Mogre forum, that anybody did use the paging component.
So you are alone to make experiments with it.

On the other hand, the handling should be equal to the C++ Ogre world.
So you could figure out, how Ogre users do it and try to do the same in the Mogre world.
For paging related questions you should find help in the Ogre main forum.

For creating terrain by a 3D editor, have a look to:
* Artifex Terra
* Ogitor

I think for both it's possible to load created terrain/scenes into Mogre, too.
Ogitor uses the terrain component.
Artifex Terra uses the Editable Terrain Manager (At least in the past. I don't know if it switched to the Terrain component). Additionally I think, the Editable Terrain Manager was supported by Mogre, too (but I'm not sure).

More I can't help you, sorry.
You put so much effort to your game manual. More than 100 pages.
I hope, you'll get your game ready for some day. Good luck.