Insantallation Visual 2013 + Surface Pro


11-10-2014 17:06:42

Hi i'm new on this forum so don't blame me too much if i did not post on the right section.
Also i did not have the luck to have English as mothertongue so excuse me for the language mistakes.

So my problem is pretty simple, i can not afford to install several versions of visual studio on my computer cause it's a surface pro 64 Go. So I installed the latest : Visual Studio 2013.

And i don't know why but Mogre can not work on my machine. So I would like to know if anyone faced a similar problem which is :
When i try to launch the sample application of visual studio 2010, it crashes on the first line, throwing an Filenotfound exception on ... a file which can not be known.

On the screen the exception is thrown as soon as i click on the start debug arrow.

Ok so my config is the one of a default surface pro 1, Ihave installed the windows sdk, and the visual studio is still a fresh install (no updates of any kind)

So obviously my questions are:
Is this normal ?
Can i bypass the problem ?

If i've missed a point feel free to ask, I really need it to work !

Thank you for your time ;)


13-10-2014 08:01:45

Ensure the assembly has copy local enabled. As the exception says it can't find it. Also ensure all plugins you need are copied over as well.