Did Mogre development stopped?


05-03-2015 17:22:37

Is someone working on porting new version?


06-03-2015 21:26:04

Hi Piotrek,

thanks for your interest in Mogre.

No, the Mogre development didn't stop.

The development of Mogre was never as fast as the Ogre development.
Over the time there were only a couple of people who use it. (Related to the forum activity. Possibly there are also "hidden" users.)
Some people leave (do other stuff) and new people come.
Mogre isn't dead. Mostly improvements came up, when somebody needed a new feature of a new Ogre version for his own project.
Of course there is also a need for advanced development knowledge or much free time to explore and learn the needed stuff.

By the way:
Mogre is no port of Ogre. It's a wrapper.
In general new classes and methods of Ogre should be auto-wrapped at the Mogre build process.
Unfortunately the autowrapping doesn't work out of the box for new features.
So for some deep changes of Ogre internals the wrapping process has to be modified.
The royal discipline of such modification is to figure out the source of such build problems and to find a solution.
As I said, such wrapper updates need good development knowledge and enough free time.

Building Mogre 1.7 yourself is easy for newcomers.
Just use the MogreBuilder tool.
Wiki: http://www.ogre3d.org/tikiwiki/MogreBuilder
Repository: https://bitbucket.org/mogre/mogrebuilder
Or use precompiled Mogre binaries, e. g. these:

Nevertheless the current Mogre version is powerful. Feel free to try it.
If you have Mogre related questions, search or post in this forum.
If you have "common" questions for Ogre usage, search or post in the Ogre main forum.

Have fun!


09-03-2015 13:56:40

Hi Beauty,
Thank you very much for you answer :)