Mogre License


22-06-2015 13:58:48


My employer is considering MOgre for a commercial project. However, we are unsure about the license requirements for using it.

There are posts on the forums discussing the possibility of changing MOgre to an MIT license to match the license of Ogre itself.

The repository on BitBucket still contains an LGPL license both in the license file itself as well as in the readme.

In addition, in the MOgre 1.7.1 SDK Installer (Revision 72), the license is LGPL.

I was wondering what is the current state of the license. Is the LGPL license accurate? Is the project migrating to the MIT license?

Thank you.


24-06-2015 07:57:58

Ogre 1.7 is LGPL as well. That is why MOgre is LGPL.

Ogre changed to MIT from version 1.8 onwards


24-06-2015 15:57:40

Thanks for the update.

I don't mean to sound rude, however, it says on the license page Ogre 1.7 is also MIT

Regardless, maybe a better question would be does Mogre plan on switching to MIT to match Ogre in future builds?

Thanks again.


25-06-2015 08:38:00

Apologies I had it my head it was 1.8 and above.

But the reason is still the same MOGRE came out when ogre was LGPL and hasn't changed it's license. In order for it to change Bekas would need to official say as he is the one that created it and licensed it this way. I would suggest contacting him, this possibly has come up before but I don't recollect a post on it.



25-06-2015 13:45:03

Thank you for the update.

I'll ask and see what happens.