can build ogre by cppcharp to dotnet interface?


14-01-2016 13:56:48

can build ogre by cppcharp to dotnet interface?


05-05-2016 13:51:48

Somebody tried it, likes the workflow/tools of CppSharp, but ended up with errors.
He supposed, Ogre is too complex (preprocessor settings, templates, components, etc.).
Start to read the topic Updating Mogre with this post: viewtopic.php?p=102413#p102413

Additionally there is a disadvantage with cppsharp:
The managed wrapper classes have no "strong connection" to the native classes. So for the same C++ class instance there can exist several .NET class instances.
With the current Mogre wrapper, there is only one .NET class instance created for each C++ class instance.
The "multi instances behaviour" was a problem of the very old OgreDotNet project (which used the SWIG tools for wrapping).
This disadvantage was the reason why Bekas developed his own wrapper (the current Mogre wrapper).
Just for information.