Couple of Questions before I start with MOGRE


24-01-2016 22:22:27

First of all I'm going to be using this in a simulation environment where I need to deploy to CentOS (Fedora core) so I'm wondering if I'll still be able to leverage OpenGL and the linux capabilities, or does MOGRE only use DirectX ?

I've tried out the 1.7.1_rc2 release on Win10 x 64. and none of the sample applications work, everything crashes. Not sure why. Do I need to install Mogre on top of Ogre3D? Or does it stand by itself? I thought not since it was a port. There are a ton of guides but none of them seem to be up to date and mostly just link back to each other. I also tried to rebuild them and VS2010 gives warnings about mismatching CPU targets. I'm looking at Mogrebuilder now..

I don't see a whole lot of posts past 2014 so I'm a little concerned about a future proof path for my project.


29-01-2016 03:19:19

Well I've seemingly arrived at my own conclusions. As impressive as MOGRE actually is, (I was able to get a simple editor built!) it simply will not work for me. I was unable to build Ogre on CentOS 6.7 which is a critical requirement. Not only that but since Mogre libraries are Windows only, there's no way for me to port my logic over to linux anyway. On to another engine then...


29-01-2016 12:46:20

As you found out MOGRE is not compatible with anything but windows. But it may run under WINE with .NET 4 installed on wine (not mono) using the opengl driver, never tried it though.

I actually suggest you look at using C++ libraries or maybe MonoGame don't know much about it though.