Ogre.Timer class?


28-12-2006 13:59:48

Hi all!
Sorry, don't know if I'm missing something, but can't find that Ogre.Timer
class in mogre, so I have the problem now reseting it to clear/reset the timeSinceLastFrame of the FrameEvent.
The point is I want to pause my game. Ok I've paused it, but when I unpause, timeSinceLastFrame in the FrameEvent gives my the 'paused' time and all my objects jump to the time whey they should be now if game wasn't paused.
If I would reset the timer before I unpause I suppose that this problem would be solved.
Heh ... sorry for(maybe) unclear explanation.

Many thanks in advance!


28-12-2006 23:29:06

Ok, I figured out, this helps solving my problem: