MOGRE in 64-Bit Enviroments


29-12-2006 01:27:00

Hi there,
I just started playing with C# and MOGRE: I've been developing with C++ OGRE quite a while and I worked through the MOGRE tutorials - but it took me about an hour to get rid of this System.BadImageFormatException everytime I ran the MOGRE Samples.
The MOGRE assemblies are plattform dependent and therefore generate some strange errors if you build them with standard VS settings within an 64-bit enviroment.
You can force your application (resp. the samples) to run in WOW64 as described in this post in the MSDN Forum.
It probably would be nice for other C# beginners, if you could insert a note in the tutorials in the wiki.


29-12-2006 20:50:29

Thanks for the info, I added a FAQ entry here