vertex animations...HELP!!


05-01-2007 18:26:50

Hi forum i have a couple of questions..

vertex animations are supported by the oFusion Exporter ?

since i have a scene where a plane is vertex animated (is editble mesh and then each vertex is translated to modify its appearence along time)

i have seen some posts saying it is not supported and instead animate using bones, biped or morph.

i have done tests with a box try to deforming it using bones but i have not been succesfull in that, and if i try to animate each vertex of the box the box in the oFusion viewport remains static while in any max viewport the animation runs normally..

sooo anybody can show me the light here.. :cry:


05-01-2007 23:37:39


marc_antoine you don´t have to post the same question in 3 forums.

Please read the rules of the forum:

*Do not cross-post the same question to multiple forums




05-01-2007 23:45:35

:oops: he he..mmm ok sorry imagine how desperate i'm :cry: won't happen again


07-01-2007 08:11:42

well people tell me vertex animation is only supporte by pro version of oFusion, so what's the cost and where to buy...???

does anybody ever mde vertex level animations and exported with oFusion Pro?... hope tht is not an Urban Myth or something..

hope vertex animation throught Morphing/Bones and Bip's will do.. :cry:


07-01-2007 18:28:19

You have to write to the oFusion people.


07-01-2007 21:02:38

already done that Ernesto, :? but still waiting for the answer they seem to take long to give any info. as soon i got an answer i'll post it in here.


11-01-2007 06:03:49

alright i have read many posts saying morph animations are supported by the CE version, and that you have 100 chnels and blah blah... WELL THAT'S JUST A MYTH,

morph animations ARE SUPPORTED by the PRO VERSION of oFusion NOT the CE version

would be nice that in a really near future,morph animations are supported in CE version.

hope this help to clarify the info posted in some threads, by now i haven't received answer about reactor animations i have made some tests by now rector animations are supported if you don´t animate meshes so they act like cloth or something, the animation won'r play int eh ofusion viewport.

Also animating a vertex by hand (animating each vertex individually to deform a mesh) same result as reactor animation with a cloth .

so morph animation is a good alternative for animating at vertex level, unfortunatelly, right now i can't buy the pro version, so if anyone knows a way to export morph animations from 3dsMax without using the pro version of oFusion or another exporter i'll appreciate.

thanks in advance :)