10-01-2007 20:42:46

hi forum, MOGRE supports antialising meshes.. or ther is a hack for that?


11-01-2007 19:42:58

You have to enable Antialising for the RenderSystem.

Are you using the root.ShowConfigDialog() ? this method shows a configuration dialog and you can set the antialising level.

Or you can set it manualy if you want.

Maybe using
root.RenderSystem.SetConfigOption("Anti Aliasing", "Level 4");
For the DirectX9 RenderSystem.

Well try it and tell me if it works.



12-01-2007 16:56:02

yeah you were right :) works just fine, seems that i skipped the last tutorial in the MOGRE Wiki, :oops: seems i couldn't resist to jump in int he action hehehehe... thanks for replying anyways Ernesto.