11-01-2007 10:56:33

Hello guys,
i would like to know who here is using cegui with mogre, and which version of cegui.
i am asking this because i am having so many problems with cegui tool that i am really thinking in write my own UI manager. Many things go wrong when i use it with ceguidotnet, some finalizes that the GC calls give me pointer exceptions, disposes sometimes crashs, even destroys too...
and those things occurrs at random ... :(

Thanks for your information,


11-01-2007 12:30:54

It's not Cegui's fault, SWIG's wrapping for C# is very unsafe and troublesome.
You should be careful when managing windows/elements and keep references to them to avoid having them disposed by the finalizer (resulting to nasty crashes).
In the Gui sample I've put some comments about the workarounds that were needed.

About other options:

-There's Cegui#; might be a better option to contribute to that instead of starting your own system

-OpenGUI is in C++ but its author has expressed interest in getting it wrapped for .NET. You may want to give him a hand with that.

And speaking of GUIs, NeoAxisEngine is using a home made .NET GUI system (on top of Ogre) that looks great, but it's closed-source unfortunately :?