MOGRE maintainer needed


15-01-2007 10:47:10

Around May I'll be off to military service for about a year, so I'll have to step down from the development of Mogre.

This is a request for someone to take over the project and keep it alive. That person will ideally have:

-Experience with both C++ and the .NET framework (if you know these two, picking up C++/CLR is easy)
-Invested interest in seeing Mogre getting updated (i.e. he's using it for his projects)

If you "take the job", your responsibilities are mainly keeping Mogre up-to-date with Ogre, fixing bugs, answering questions in the forums, etc. etc.
There's plenty of time to fill you in on how the automatic wrapper works, answer every possible question that you may have and generally "be your mentor" :P

If you are interested please PM me or post here.


15-01-2007 20:24:47

Wow, this is a real shocker :(

I hate to see MOgre end up like OgreDotNet with no more support. Although, Mogre is quite good already... the only thing I would really like to see before you depart would be Ogre Eihort support. I would volunteer, but I am already spread way thin as it is.

Anyway, good luck when you go into the Army. I can't recall where you are from, is this required military service or voluntary? I did some time in the US Navy, and it was a pretty good learning experience - I did avionics there.


15-01-2007 20:52:28

Anyway, good luck when you go into the Army. I can't recall where you are from, is this required military service or voluntary? I did some time in the US Navy, and it was a pretty good learning experience - I did avionics there.
It's required (in Greece) and I'm pretty sure that it's going to be an utter waste of my time :?
On the upside, I'll get to shoot a gun, which is kinda cool. [edit] (Yeah, I'm grasping at straws here..) [/edit]

the only thing I would really like to see before you depart would be Ogre Eihort support
Yep, this is definately coming; just waiting on the release a bit.


17-01-2007 02:05:28

When will you go to military service?


17-01-2007 08:09:45

Early May.


24-01-2007 10:15:59

Hi Bekas,

I am really impressed by the great job you do with Mogre.
I have a good experience with both C++ and .NET (C#).
Since I have not so much spare time (I am a full time software engineer), my interest would be to keep Mogre up to date with Ogre.
At that time, I am developping a small application in C# using Mogre basics (manual objects, picking, texturing ...)
But before going into the "job", I would like to estimate how long it could take me to learn how the wrapper works ...


26-01-2007 00:19:30

Hello Bekas,

Woah, I have not been on the forums for a really long time due to examinations and vacation. I come back, ogre got updated, so did mogre and you are leaving!

Who ever is going to take over will enjoy my help, as I too have interests in keeping Mogre up to date with Ogre. I am using it in a couple of projects, including one which I will release in two months. I would suggest that you teach more than one person how the automatic wrapper works so you would have maybe a team of developers. That way the project doesn't suffer if your temporary replacement has to leave. A team would be able to work together, it would separate the task and make it easier to continue. I wouldn't mind joining such a team, I have pretty good experience with c++ and c#, but my time is pretty limited, so I wouldn't be able to constantly monitor the forums, for example. I would prefer that you don't leave but if you must for the sake of your country you have my personal backing. If nobody fully has the time to manage mogre, I wouldn't mind taking it up just to keep it going.

Good Luck!

Edit: Can you sticky the MogreFreeSl thread because it keeps sinking away in the forums.


27-01-2007 14:18:13

I'm going to upload all tools and instructions to SVN and try to simplify a bit the building process. After that I'm going to need a couple of volunteers to try to build a SDK themselves and report possible problems.

Can you sticky the MogreFreeSl thread because it keeps sinking away in the forums.


27-01-2007 15:05:49

OK to be volunteer to build the SDK


28-01-2007 13:51:08

Sure, I'll give it a shot! :)


21-03-2007 17:49:03

May i ask if people to maintain MOGRE has been found?
Would be a shame if that project gets abandoned.


11-04-2007 02:46:59

Yeah grizzley90, are you in charge ???

Who can we contact if we want to send patches and stuff ???

- Mat


11-04-2007 16:08:38

Are you still looking for a maintainer Backas? MOGRE is such an important project to my project that I would be willing to maintain myself if I have to. We are probably okay for a while, given that we are up to Eihor, but I want to make sure we stay up to date and get some bug fixes in.


11-04-2007 18:11:01

Everything you need to build mogre is in the mogre svn repository.


11-04-2007 22:05:05

In the following days, I'll put up a wiki page with detailed instructions on updating and building Mogre; I'll need a few people proofreading it.
There's no "official successor" yet; I think it's more important that it's fairly easy for everyone to make an update if he really wants to.


13-04-2007 02:02:51

Any way we can get access to the wiki ??

ometime I think of stuff or examples Id like to put in there. The more stuff we write about Mogre, the more alive the project remains...



13-04-2007 07:59:34

You can access the Wiki if you have a Main Ogre Forum Acount... mmm yes i Think the wiki and the main forum both share the account. The OgreAdd-ons is another forum, you need the main forum.

The wiki is open for all, you can edit it.

Ernesto Gutierrez


01-05-2007 02:26:32


Just wondering if the wiki pages have been added covering the maintenance/conversion tools for MOGRE?

Are they still to be be completed or am I just not looking at the right spot?




28-06-2007 14:53:27

Well well well,

After coding several weeks around MOGRE, I postulate to myself as maintainer (not as the principal). I could bring some order to versions / publication / repository management and so on.


02-07-2007 11:24:47

Just popping my head in here but it looks like pjohnsen and GermanDZ are turning into the new maintainers for MOGRE?

I don't use MOGRE myself but if the community using it think it's appropriate I can give commit access to one or both of them.


02-07-2007 19:12:21

I would like to be able to commit the changes I've done for the 1.4.2 build.

Anything special I need to do? I already have a sourceforge account (same as here: pjohnsen)



02-07-2007 20:25:55

I think that is good to have Mogre 1.4.0 and 1.4.2 in the SVN, don´t remove the work of bekas from the repository, is how a backup while we can test the new mogre 1.4.2.


02-07-2007 21:23:11

I'll be sure to make a label in SVN so that it is always possible to get back to before I messed things up :D



03-07-2007 10:20:34

Oops, I just realised that MOgre isn't in our addons CVS repository but in its own SVN. So I have no control over that. You should submit a project take-over request to Sourceforge through their support system.

Looks like grizzley90 is the only other developer registered to update SVN at the moment but he's not an admin so can't add anyone else.


03-07-2007 14:19:54

My SourceForge Account is GermanDZ.


06-07-2007 15:53:46

Hi there, I'm really happy that you've managed to update Mogre :)
pjohnsen and GermanDZ, I've added you to Mogre's admins, you'll be able to put a release on sourceforge for people to download.

I may be around more often from now on, PM me if you have any problems and I'll try to answer as soon as possible.


06-07-2007 16:04:10

Hey Bekas welcome again!!!

What do you think of the new Mogre 0.2.1?
Well, you can talk with the pjohnsen and give him some tips to create the new versions.




06-07-2007 21:28:47

Great to hear from you Bekas :)

I guess, I only started working with Mogre after you left for the army (btw. how is that going?).

I have committed the changes I made for the 0.2.1 build to svn. It took quite a while to upload all those changed CVS folders.

Just in case I made a tag first (before_pjohnsen), so it's easy to roll it back if there are any problems.




08-07-2007 01:20:48

Ohh.. I am so glad about to be a MOGRE Admin.

I will be hard using/testing MOGRE the next weeks, I will post all I learn on the wiki. When I produce some improvements I will commit that to the repo.

Good luck in the Army BEKAS!!!


23-08-2007 12:28:31

I'm glad this project isn't dieing. I hate C++ with all my guts and C# is like heaven for programmers.

The only thing i really missing is to use CEGUI. We can't have a proper game without a gui. Until then i will be using Python-Ogre, waiting for MOGRE CEGUI to work. :)


23-08-2007 13:37:30

We are working (me and some employees of my company) on MQuickGUI a port of QuickGUI ( We are delayed because some due dates, but we will having a release in the next month.

The unstable/unusable for production could be located on ... MQuickGUI/


09-09-2007 17:11:39

FYI: I have been quite busy lately and have just started on a new job so will be busy the next couple of months too :(

I think there are others out there who can make updated releases of Mogre, however if you need access to commit to SVN send me a PM and I will see what I can do.

Best wishes to all,